Randolph Legassie

Rev. Dr. Randolph Legassie:  Husband, father, grandfather, pastor, missionary, chaplain, theology professor.

I have earned a B.A. in Psychology from Acadia University, a M. Div. from Acadia Divinity College and a D. Min from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky.

I have had five pastorates which include two while I was a student–I tend to stay in a place for a long time.  I have also served in Kenya working with an independent Kenyan denomination called the Africa Brotherhood Church, a denomination of around 200,000 members in over 800 congregations in several east African countries.  Both my wife and I taught in their pastoral training school for several years over three different time periods.  We still maintain some ties with the ABC

I speak and read English like someone born in the language.  I also speak fluent Kiswahili (Jambo sana–habari yako?) but don’t read it well.  If I have to, I can read some French and understand a word or two here and there in conversation.

Unlike many of the members of churches I have served over the years, I enjoy winter and snow–I live in Canada so why not enjoy what is coming anyway?  On the other hand, I do also enjoy a Kenyan rain storm, as long as I am inside and not trying to drive or walk in it.


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