Randolph Legassie

Rev. Dr. Randolph Legassie:  Husband, father, grandfather, pastor, missionary, chaplain, theology professor.

I have earned a B.A. in Psychology from Acadia University, a M. Div. from Acadia Divinity College and a D. Min from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky.

I have had five pastorates which include two while I was a student–I tend to stay in a place for a long time.  I have also served in Kenya working with an independent Kenyan denomination called the Africa Brotherhood Church, a denomination of around 200,000 members in over 800 congregations in several east African countries.  Both my wife and I taught in their pastoral training school for several years over three different time periods.  We still maintain some ties with the ABC

I speak and read English like someone born in the language.  I also speak fluent Kiswahili (Jambo sana–habari yako?) but don’t read it well.  If I have to, I can read some French and understand a word or two here and there in conversation.

Unlike many of the members of churches I have served over the years, I enjoy winter and snow–I live in Canada so why not enjoy what is coming anyway?  On the other hand, I do also enjoy a Kenyan rain storm, as long as I am inside and not trying to drive or walk in it.

2 thoughts on “Randolph Legassie

  1. Really enjoyed your Blog today on “That’s Funny”! I had to laugh at “pratfall” as it was a word i had only remembered only hearing once! A British Professor used it during a comment when a friend and I attended a Symposium on “The Queen’s English” while I was teaching in Australia in 1993. Most of the attendees, including me, didn’t know the meaning of the word, so the prof actually used the Biblical expression using an actual piece of lumber about 2 feet long, while falling on his backside to the floor! Everyone was astonished and worried until he rolled over and picked himself up! Most felt he just slipped on the floor until he explained that was a “pratfall” to explain the meaning of the word!
    Your blog was only the second time I ever heard “pratfall” and your example was so comical, much better than the professor in Sydney that day!


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