I like writing, which is a good thing since I do a lot of writing in my job as a pastor.  A typical week these days sees me writing two sermons, two Bible studies and assorted other things.  I can easily write between 4000-10,000 words a week.  And then, I turn to my hobbies, which currently consist of learning how to keep a drone out of the trees (only on days without a lot of wind) and writing entries for this blog.

With all that writing, I am always looking for ideas.  Sermon ideas are crucial and I plan them in three to four month cycles.  Church newsletters, special projects and so on come at irregular intervals and generally have a theme already suggested.  Blog ideas come easily  sometimes–I have occasionally had weeks of ideas sitting in a file on the hard drive, waiting for me to develop and post.

But every now and then, I get stuck.  This is one of those stuck times.  I have pretty much used up the ideas in the folder–all that are left are those ideas that really don’t make any sense anymore, if they ever did.  I look at them and wonder who hacked my computer and put those strange ideas in the folder.

So, what else is there to do but write about being stuck?  I am pretty sure that I know why I am stuck this morning.  To start with, it’s Monday morning.  I am aware that this is posted on a Friday but I do my blog writing on Monday.  Mondays come after Sunday, which for me consisted of two worship services and the completion of a three part series on Islam for a church/community group.

I am tired today and when I get tired, my mind doesn’t really want to be overly creative.  I could take to morning off and mow the lawn, except sitting staring at a computer screen with nothing to write is still more interesting than mowing the lawn.  I could have written about the questions associated with moving lawns but I have already done that.

So, I am stuck.  But I am not worried about being stuck.  I know why I am stuck, I know that I will get unstuck eventually and find something more interesting to write about.  Being stuck now and then is a reality and over the years, I have learned to be graceful with myself, at least in that area.

There are times and places in my life that I need to learn to be more graceful with myself–and maybe the grace I show myself when  I am stuck can help me with that.  All of us need to be a bit better being graceful, both to ourselves and to others.  God’s supply of grace is limitless and eternal–but when it reaches is, we tend to be somewhat stingy with it, treating grace as if it was some exotic commodity that is expensive, hard to get and perpetually on back order.

But grace isn’t all that.  True, it is expensive–but that expense was covered by God.  It isn’t hard to get–God freely makes it available to all who ask.  And it is never on back order–it is always fresh and in stock.

So, I am going to be graceful to myself and finish this post today.  It is short and may not have much point.  But it does open the door to look at the unlimited grace of God and I doubt if I can do anything better than that even on my most unstuck day.

May the peace of God be with you.


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